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Sprinkle a little Joy on your Holiday Treats!


There’s something so special about baking together during the holidays. Whether you’re baking up a favorite cookie recipe, sugar cookies or a really fun gingerbread house, I bet your kitchen is filling up your home with the familiar scents of comfort and joy. To make your holidays extra special this year, try topping your sugar cookies or cupcakes with the new line of gourmet sprinkles from Confectionery Cake Shop! They’re perfect for dressing up your already sweet treats and adding an extra touch of goodness to them!

They come an a variety of options, from jumbo red and green sprinkles to teeny tiny white nonpareils and each package is only $2.95! Where can you pick up these lovely little decorative candies? You can shop for them at Sweet Spot Candies in historic downtown Faribault, MN or you can pre-order them by emailing confectionerycakes@gmail.com. Shipping is an option… look for the etsy posting soon!

It’s All in the Details

Yellow Gift Box Cake

A Chocolate cake for Mary Jo, with Vanilla Bavarian Cream

It’s a few days before your wife’s birthday and you’re at work, deciding the what to do. You could run to the grocery store, pick up a pre-made cake from the bakery with one of those real nice floral sprays on it.. and if you’re lucky, it will have some room left on it so you can have the decorator add in your personal message.  Or you could run to Dairy Queen and pick up one of those amazing crowd pleasing ice cream cakes, but your birthday is just around the corner, so maybe you should hold out until then for that one. So why not do something a little more personal and order a cake from the local cake shop in town? There, they can create a custom cake, one that she’ll just adore. You could have them decorate it in her favorite colors… and how about some nice little pearls that shimmer as they spell out her name? You could have them fill it with a real fruit filling that pairs perfectly with a generous scoop of ice cream. And who knows, maybe she’ll actually ask for you to take her picture by it this year!

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