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Sprinkle a little Joy on your Holiday Treats!


There’s something so special about baking together during the holidays. Whether you’re baking up a favorite cookie recipe, sugar cookies or a really fun gingerbread house, I bet your kitchen is filling up your home with the familiar scents of comfort and joy. To make your holidays extra special this year, try topping your sugar cookies or cupcakes with the new line of gourmet sprinkles from Confectionery Cake Shop! They’re perfect for dressing up your already sweet treats and adding an extra touch of goodness to them!

They come an a variety of options, from jumbo red and green sprinkles to teeny tiny white nonpareils and each package is only $2.95! Where can you pick up these lovely little decorative candies? You can shop for them at Sweet Spot Candies in historic downtown Faribault, MN or you can pre-order them by emailing confectionerycakes@gmail.com. Shipping is an option… look for the etsy posting soon!

2011 -This blog site in review

You may be interested in starting a blog on your own or for your small (or big) business! Well, one of the perks of having a wordpress blog is that they send you this nice annual report at the end of the year. I enjoyed reading it and you may too. Thanks everyone!

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 26,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 10 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

A Quick Note About Copyrighted Characters

Thanks to some wonderful customers, I’ve been receiving lots of requests for some of the coolest characters around! It’s not a surprise since children love to see their favorite character in cake! I thought this would be a good time to go over why a copyrighted character can not be replicated or sold for profit.  While the laws may restrict some of the options for cake decorating, Confectionery Cake Shop is still able to create a wonderful, original, creative cake for you, just check out some of the photos on Facebook.

Copyright Law regarding Cakes

Copyright law not only applies to software, books, pictures, and video; it also applies to a bakery selling decorated cakes and other cake items. At one time or another, most people have ordered a cake for a special occasion. Especially for birthdays, many people request that their cake be decorated with popular cartoon, television, movie, or comic book characters. Most people don’t realize is that it is a violation of federal copyright law for a Cake Decorator to decorate any product they make with an identical copy or close likeness of copyrighted movie, TV, cartoon, or comic book character without permission of the copyright owners. To do so can cost the Decorator and the customer a great deal of money for damages under the law. When only a specific character will do, there are plenty of officially licensed figures and images that a bakery can use.

So why do you see so many creative cakes with images of famous characters on google images? Well, many of those cakes were made by someone in the household who made it for a family member and did NOT profit from it. That is the key.

So why do you see character cakes at the grocery store? Those templates and toys added to the cake are purchased by the bakery and are not left up to the interpretation of the decorator. The templates are purchased from a specific source that covers the usage rights. Those same options are available through my shop. You do not see cutout cakes of characters at a grocery store, only the toys or edible images.

The use of officially licensed items ensures that neither the Cake Decorator nor the customer is in violation of copyright laws. I have had customers ask me to create 3D cakes or cutout cakes of popular characters such as Hello Kitty and I explain to them the law, and suggest they choose from a licensed cake top novelty (which I then email them options). A copyright protects an original work or creation and gives exclusive rights to that work or creation to its author.

Once again, the licensor cannot control the quality and is not earning a royalty on the product created around their character. Licensed pans cannot be rented to consumers by stores since the licensor is not earning a royalty from the transaction. Generally, creating any type of image that looks like a licensed character that is sold for commercial purposes is prohibited unless there is a specific licensing agreement with the licensor for that product and royalties are paid each time the product is sold.

I know this is a ton of information, but I do get this question more than once per week, so I would like to have a place to refer customers who are interested in knowing a little more information on this topic. The penalty for violating the law could be $150,000+ fine, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Thanks everyone!

The Spring Chick Cupcake Event!

Join me this Saturday, April 16th at the Sweet Spot for a very special ‘make your own spring chick event’ as a part of the ‘get your Spring on’ promotion on Central Ave this weekend. From 11am-1pm, I’ll be ready to help you decorate your very own spring chick cupcake with an assortment of fun edible decorations. Bring the kids and make one for yourself. These little guys are only $2.00 each and come with their own take home box too! Come and have some fun! While supplies last!

How the iPhone Saved the World

Well, let me be a little more specific: the iPhone saved my world by helping me and my business stay a lot more organized. Starting a business involves a lot of multitasking. In my case, it involves taking orders over the phone and over email, being online to update my social networking sites (like Facebook, this blog, LinkedIn and yes, even twitter), taking photos of all of my creations, making cake deliveries each day (GPS is a must!) and in general, staying on top of voice mail and any outside communication. I’m also responsible for ordering and picking up supplies, heading to meetings and building business… oh and let’s not forget spending a good portion of the day in the kitchen! Having a phone that can organize my calendars and sync them with my laptop, having a visual voice mail rather than one that I have to call in to check, being able to use a map function that can easily pull up an address and tell me how to get there turn by turn, and having a hands-free bluetooth headphones that can play music and answer calls when they come in.. well, you get the picture. I promise, I’m not a ‘techie’, I’m just a gal who wants my business to run as smooth as possible and the user interface on this phone is so easy to use!

I actually tried using my simple Samsung flip phone for six months of running my business and while it would work fine for personal every day use, it wasn’t helping me at all with the business side. I finally switched to the iPhone and the world became a much more organized place. Phew! Oh yes, I can’t forget to mention that I also got a wonderful Confectionery Cake Shop branded case to snap onto it!

Love is in the Air!

Surprise your Sweetheart this year!

Celebrate in style this Valentine’s Day by surprising your sweetheart with buttercream topped cupcakes! Not only can we deliver to your loved one’s office or workplace, you can also bake up your very own batch of cupcakes at home and order these lovely Confectionery Cake Shop toppers on etsy.com! While this day may be traditionally reserved for flowers, cards and candy… cupcakes also make a bold statement of love this year! Whether you love Valentine’s Day or love to hate it, you really can’t go wrong with a cupcake!


Those who CAN do, teach cake classes!

In 2004, I was walking the aisles at a Michaels Art & Craft store in the Twin Cities, looking for a project to work on because I needed some creativity and color in my life. I was 25 years old and spent most of my days in a gray cubical.

It wasn’t long before I was walking down the cake decorating aisle, finding myself getting really excited, but intimidated to get started. I had never taken a cake out of a pan and iced it before! I was one of those people who got about as far as putting canned frosting on the top of a cake and if I felt bold, added some sprinkles to it. So my good friend who was shopping with me, Erin, approached me in that aisle and said ‘hey, they teach Wilton Method Cake Classes here. You should sign up’ and she handed me a flier. That was the moment everything changed.

It was three months later that I had finished taking three classes from a delightful instructor named Sheri. Each course was a month in length, one night per week. I learned to ice and decorate in the first course called Decorating Basics, learned to make flowers in the second course and learned to work with fondant and gum paste in the third. It was exciting and the most fun I had ever had in a classroom. It was my connection there that brought me to then meet Terri Leckas, the owner of Queen of Cakes in Edina. She opened a beautiful cake shop and needed some assistance in customer service and decorating in which I jumped at the opportunity. She hired me after seeing the photo album I had put together while I was taking the Wilton classes. Over the next few years I worked there part time and learned so much from her, including how to better my skills and work faster and more efficiently.

It is with so much enthusiasm that I finally get to give back. Starting today, I will begin teaching my first Wilton class at Michael’s in Mankato to a group of students who may someday down the line, choose to open their own cake shop because of the inspiration, skills and education that they acquire through my classroom. Nothing is more rewarding for me than to see another person’s creativity blossom.

Would you like to join in on one of my classes? Please stop by Michaels in Mankato to find out how to sign up. It makes a wonderful holiday gift as well!

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