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A Surprise 70th Birthday to Remember!

IMG_1284   IMG_1320 Before Marian walked into the lobby of the Paradise Center for the Arts in historic downtown Faribault, she had no idea there were over 100 of her closest friends and relatives waiting on the other side of the door. SURPRISE!

Now, turning 70 is quite the accomplishment and boy oh boy were they ready to party! After visiting at the Paradise, they made their way over to the Loft at the Bachrach Building across the street for an even larger party. A three tiered cake greeted guests in the lobby where they could pick up their place seating assignment cards. The tables were covered in beautiful linens, fine china, elaborate silverware and each plate had a small birds nest with a chocolate dipped apple to take home. The centerpieces (created by local wedding floral shop ‘bloom’) were branches filled with fresh cut white roses, the birthday girls favorite flower. The dessert table was filled with chocolate covered pretzels, malted milk balls, red velvet cupcakes, spice cakes, german chocolate cupcakes decorated with the fine details in chocolate and fondant. The tiered cake, was a white cake with a fresh coconut filling, iced in coconut buttercream. Happy Birthday and oh yes, SURPRISE!!

Twin Cities Marathon Day!

If the shoe fits, eat it!

When Father Erik Lundgren woke up on the morning of October 7th, he laced up his running shoes and headed up the Twin Cities Marathon. This day was special.. not only because it was his first marathon, it was also his birthday.. and not just any birthday, his 30th. Running races are a great way to do something healthy, while others get to support you! In fact, so many ‘others’ supported Fr Erik in this run that he was able to raise well over $20,000 for our local Catholic Elementary School, Divine Mercy Catholic School. Talk about a good cause! To celebrate, we gathered with Fr Erik after the 5pm mass to enjoy cake from Confectionery Cake Shop and Ice Cream from Sweet Spot Candies! He received his very own cake, which was a replica of the shoe that he ran the marathon with.. and an edible gold medal for finishing the race, draped across it. Over 150 folks shared in his excitement and enjoyed a raspberry filled white cupcake or a slice of tuxedo cake with fresh raspberry filling. Turning 30 is just the beginning, Fr Erik! Enjoy!


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It’s A Thomas The Tank Cake, in 3D!

Thomas The Tank Cake

Yum! A Thomas The Tank Cake!

Chugga, Chugga, Choo! Choo! Here comes Thomas the Tank! This cake was for a very special golden birthday for a very cute 3 year old who loves Thomas the Tank. This is a great example of a copyrighted character that CAN be created in cake because of the purchased rights and accessories (like his face). Thomas’s face came with a cute keepsake DVD for the birthday boy to watch after cake and presents of course! He was iced in blue buttercream with white and chocolate cake inside. This little train feeds around 24-30 folks, so if you’re having a larger party, don’t forget to add on a few cupcakes! Do you know a child who loves Thomas too? Make sure to pre-order your cake 1-2 weeks in advance. Or if you have another copyrighted character in mind, just call to see if we can make it into a cake for you. Thanks!

It’s CAKE WEEK! (not to be confused with Shark Week…)

Lifting the Giant Owl Cake!

What would be a better way than to kick of Cake Week than with the 5th Annual Upper Mid-West Bakery Association’s Ultimate Cake Competition at the Mall of America? Confectionery Cake Shop’s owner, Laura O’Connor (yes, I’m writing this in the 3rd person for kicks) competed in a birthday cake competition with 11 other awesome decorators from all over the mid-west (and South Carolina). All of the contestants had 90 minutes to build, sculpt and decorate a birthday cake out of a sheet cake, using buttercream and fondant that was provided by sponsors. It was a mad rush of controlled creativity and skills on the floor that day in order to get your cake and 24 matching cupcakes finished as well as carried over to the judging table about 75′ away! I only had to stop one time to set mine down because it was so heavy! The winners took home cash prizes and trophies. While Confectionery Cake Shop did not place this time, watch out because there are lots of other opportunities to compete coming up! The next one is in February at the National Convention! Stay tuned.

There was also a Wedding Cake Competition that day where contestants had to build a 5 tier wedding cake in 3 hours (which was a serious challenge.. perfection takes time, people!) and carry it over to the judging table. Tension ran high as teams of 3 or 4 carried over their 50-60lb cakes to the tables!

But the real icing on the cake (yes, I, too, hate bad puns, but I’ll let it go this time)  is that Buddy Valastro from Cake Boss is going to be in Minneapolis tonight! He’s also going to be at the Mall of America for his book signing today at around 11:30am near Barnes & Nobel (or so I heard). I have tickets to the show and can’t wait to see him tonight! Weee!! It’s a cake shop owner’s dream to be as awesome as Buddy and his team. I can’t wait to hear more about how he does it!


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HAPPY Birthday to YOU!

Every day of of every year, people all around the world have one thing that happens to them, whether they like it or not… their birthday. It’s the one day of the year that just feels different. It’s the day that you wake up and say to yourself ‘it’s my birthday’, even if no one else knows or remembers.  Birthdays are a pretty big deal in the United States and are surrounded with tradition, friends and family. What can we usually expect? Well, a gift or two, a song sung out of tune, a candle and of course, a cake to put it on!

For Tammy Donahue, this year’s birthday was going to have all of those traditional things… with one extra, a surprise. Now the guests were expected, the food was all ready, but the design of the cake was a surprise that only her husband knew about. These two were the lucky recipients of the live auction Confectionery Cake Shop gift certificate from BABS Nights (Bethlehem Academy’s Annual Fundraiser in Faribault), earlier this year and were saving it for a special day. Tammy’s love for flamingos and bright colors were a must for this cake, as well as chocolate cake, red velvet and white vanilla with a variety of fabulous fillings. The cake topper is a hand made fondant flamingo and the edible flowers cascading down the side are fondant as well.

So… Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday, Dear Tammy… Happy Birthday to YOU! (you’re imaging this being sung out of tune, right?)

The Great Big Cupcake CAKE!

The Cupcake CAKE!

What could be more fun than a cupcake that feeds you and a ton of your friends?! I have a feeling the giant Cupcake cake is going to make some grand appearances at lots of unique celebrations and smash cake baby photos! It can be iced in buttercream or iced in rolled fondant for a more cartoon look. It comes fully equip with jumbo sprinkles and a cherry on top! The one pictured here was dark chocolate cake in the cup, white vanilla cake for the top and filled with red raspberry fruit filling! At $48.00, it’s one of coolest cakes to hit the menu and is sure to be a hit at your next party. Have it boxed up and delivered for free in Faribault! ‘Oooohhh’ and ‘ahhhhhh’s are surely expected.

A Lovely Lady Turns 100!

Happy 100th Birthday, Dorothy!

When Dorothy Burkhartzmeyer turned 100 on January 27th, she recalled that one of her finest memories was her wedding day. She told the Faribault Daily News that she wore a beautiful blue velvet dress and held a blooming bouquet of pink roses and leafy greens on that special day. This cake was created to embrace that memory. Her cake was shared among friends and family members on the day she turned 100 years old. The brush embroidery resembled the lace that was on the sleeve of her dress. She is an amazing lady who has offered the world so much through the years. It was an honor to bake you the perfect birthday cake, Dorothy!

Get down and peace out, cause it’s all about the 70’s Tonight!

Ahhhh yeah, the 1970’s. A time of music, love and peace. The clothes were tight, the hair was long and the vans were big enough to cart around twenty of your best friends. This 10″ cake was created for a 70’s themed birthday bash in the Twin Cities celebrating 1970 in a big way. A chocolate cake with a strawberry mousse, covered in colorful bursts of buttercream flower power set the mood. The peace symbol was a major icon of the 70’s and… well still is today! So ‘peace out man’ and ‘see you on the flip side!’. Wanna brush up on your 70’s slang? Check this out and be the coolest cat at the party!

It’s Turkey Time!

A turkey birthday cake

Everyone expects a turkey on thanksgiving day, but one covered in chocolate buttercream?!  This turkey made it all the way to the Johnson’s Thanksgiving celebration and helped them celebrate two birthdays, making this day extra special! Happy Birthday Ian and Erik. Hopefully you saved some room for cake, I mean turkey, I mean… turkey cake!

A Happy, Happy Birthday!

Madelyn's Cake

What could make a three year old more happy than purple butterflies, pink flowers and a cake covered in purple buttercream? Well, according to little Maddie, nothing could top that! She has a love for butterflies, which definitely showed when she was a Butterfly for Halloween! Having a birthday party the same day as trick-or-treating was quite a dream come true for this young lady. Her cake was a quarter sheet of marbled white and chocolate cake, topped with buttercream, candy crystal sugar sprinkles, fondant butterflies and flowers and the finishing touch.. lots of edible glitter! She blew out three purple, glittery candles that day. Something tells me this is going to be a good year for her!

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